Spam Filter Information

The Network Operations Center at SPA.NET operates a filter to identify junk e-mail (a.k.a. SPAM).

The system works by examining the routing information of all email, looking for such things as invalid return addresses, forged originators, mail that was routed through foreign mail servers, and other patterns that are consistent with SPAM. The email is also compared to several 'Black Lists' of known spammers. Many of the tests will catch a large amount of spam, but will also have many false positives. Therefore, each test that the mail fails increases its "SPAM score". When it reaches a certain level, it is identified as SPAM and then filtered. 

If spam tests were 100% perfect, there would only be one spam test, the weighting system will identify most but not all SPAM. But like all filters the possibility of marking a legitimate email as SPAM exists. 

Spam accounts for over 95 percent of all the email that is processed by our servers. Only the worst of the spam email is being deleted or refused by our servers, all other messages identified as SPAM is delivered to your SPAM or Junk Mail email box. 

To review the SPAM that has been identified please review the folder named Spam or Junk Mail that you will find just below the Inbox box when logged into our web based email.

Please take a few moments to review and delete this mail if it is unwanted.

Mail left in your SPAM folder is automatically deleted from our servers after 7 days. 

If you have any questions or comments please contact us at (518) 581-0690